Pokémon Fan Games Are Fantastic

Immense Effort in a Disheartening Climate

Immense Effort in a Disheartening Climate

I’m new to fan games in general and never was a big Pokémon fan but I’ve been recently enjoying what they have to offer and the work these people put into there games. Despite knowing Nintendo will most likely strike down on them is insane and respectable because the devs of these games know that once something in on the internet, you can truly never remove it. Which is great news for all the fan games and for some reason Nintendo thinks this is a bad thing.

The game I have recently tried is arguably the most popular Pokémon fan game “Pokémon Uranium” which so far I have been impressed with. The game so far has been really beautiful to look at, the environments are vibrant which I know Pokémon B&W had a hard time with and looked watered down. Uranium still feels like a fan game due to lack of polish but in many aspects really improves on many parts of Nintendo’s actual games.

Route 5

The game adds 150 new Pokémon each with unique designs that compete with the actual thing and the most adorable starter on this planet.

I named this after my cat during a nuzlocke run and I just realized if she dies I WILL cry.

Along with many new Pokémon, Uranium bring a whole new type of Pokémon, Uranium type, who would have guessed. This type is super effective against everything, and everything is super effective against it. Why am I doing a nuzlocke again go damnit. Speaking of nuzlockes this game provides a nuzlocke challenge setting so I can be forced to watch my adorable cat die permanently.

Now, why am I talking about Uranium well for one its the one I tried but it was also “taken down” by Nintendo which means its not at risk if we report on it, but bigger companies like Kotaku don’t understand the importance of preservation. Kotaku has a whole section on their site dedicated to “Fan Games” which informs the masses about these fan games and also to their twitter followers which includes Nintendo. Nintendo is infamous for taking down an fan made games which is why its our responsibility to stay quite about active ones and spread them around as much as possible. Kotaku doesn’t seem to know what subtlety is.

It’s unfortunate to see these things go and the fact that Nintendo has this power is disheartening and hopefully some change is made where people have true creative freedom but for now fan games will just have to stay low only to be seen by those who hunt them down.