Paper Mario: The Origami King officially announced

In a surprise announcement by Nintendo, the next installment to the Paper Mario franchise has officially been revealed with Paper Mario: The Origami King. According to the footage seen from the trailer, the Mushroom Kingdom seems to have been taken over by a mysterious usurper of sorts, causing its inhabitants (including Princess Peach herself) to become beings of origami origin rather than paper. This leaves Mario and his friends to stop this new menace and save the Kingdom once again. The addition of Origami materials being featured in the series’ predominant arts & crafts aesthetic is indeed a welcome one. How it’ll influence the core gameplay or what brand new mechanics it’ll bring still is yet to be revealed.

The Origami King is set to release on Nintendo Switch for the first time, on July 17 this year. You can watch the full trailer on Nintendo’s main YouTube channel here.  

Author: smugruko

I'm Smug, I review video games and anime. Screaming at dumb people is my favorite hobby.

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