The Last of Us Part II: Significant Plot Details Leaked

This Article contains spoilers.

This Article contains spoilers.

Delayed indefinitely by Sony, highly anticipated game The Last of Us 2 has received a significant blow to its hype by way of leaked gameplay footage that made its way to YouTube yesterday. While Sony quickly took the footage down, the “internet is forever” and once let out of the bag was quickly spread through different uploaders in various segments, and reactions to the new information have not been the most positive.

Keep in mind that while these are what appear to be finished cutscenes and gameplay element, with the nature of video game development these scenes may be changed at a later time as the game is still technically ‘in the works’ and may not be representative of the final product. Who exactly leaked this is up for speculation also, with many suggesting it may have been a disgruntled employee due to how severe the crunch on this title has been. However there has been no evidence of that, and is currently just speculation.

UPDATE: Naughty Dog has released a statement regarding the leaks:

With that said, spoilers are given below, with links to appropriate clips while they remain online:






-First off is a leaked task list for the game, showing that several levels towards the end are played from new character Abby’s point of view, according to a debug menu. It’s not entirely certain if these are cutscenes themselves or full on levels.

Sources such as 4chan had rumored playthroughs with additional details, such as Ellie dying at Abby’s hands and a sequel baited regarding Ellie’s friends seeking revenge, and that Abby’s father was one of the surgeons Joel killed at the end of the first Last of Us. However none of the available clips substantiate this, and it should be taken with a grain of salt. Additionally despite online speculation that Abby is MtF transgender, there is no evidence given in the shown clips.

In the first cutscene shown, Joel and now older Ellie make it through an abandoned building discussing Jesse, a friend of Ellie’s that Joel assumes she has affections towards. Later after encountering a zombie, the two of them talk and Ellie reveals when they left the hospital Joel told her there were many others immune to the zombifying infection like her, something she doubts. Joel informs her there was no cure. Later talking with Jesse’s girlfriend Dina while she stitches up herself, they appear to be tracking fellow survivors, one of which is Abby, who Ellie decides to go after.

In the next scene, Ellie and Dina are shown playfully teasing each other in their underwear. Jesse comes back early and encounters the two quickly trying to put back on their pants as an annoyed Jesse walks off. Exactly where this clip falls in the continuity is uncertain, as it may precede the one before it.

The next silent clip shows Ellie walking into a room with a shotgun while a battered and bloodied Joel lies on the ground. Abby stands over him with a golf club, while others in the room wrestle Ellie to the ground and one of the group proceeds to start kicking her. He’s pulled away and another body is shown in a similar condition to Joel on the floor before the scene is abruptly cut off.

The next clip shows Ellie waking up, telling Dina she has to finish something, much to Dina’s frustration and dismay. Ellie says she loves her, while Dina retorts for her to prove it and stay. When Ellie informs her she has no plans to die Dina makes mention that neither did Joel or Jesse, indicating that both of them are indeed dead. Ellie decides to go after Abby anyway, while Dina states she’s not going to go through the heartache of loss again. The scene then switches to Abby and another shorter character with a bow, Lev, discussing following a lead.

The last clip shows Abby brutally punching down Ellie, before Dina rushes in with a knife, flailing it around to try and stop a pinned Abby before Lev shoots her with an arrow. and Abby smashes Dina’s head into the floor repeated before holding the knife to her throat as Ellie begs her to stop. As she’s about to kill her anyway Lev calls her out her name, and she relents, shoving Dina off her and storming off as Ellie chokes slightly on her own blood.

-In one unavailable clip, Ellie is shown mourning over Joel’s grave. Where this falls in the continuity is uncertain, but most likely precedes the preceding brawl.

Additional information will be added in subsequent articles, but for now the game appears to be taking quite a controversial direction. Whether a Last of Us Part III is planned is unknown, though the fight between Abby and Ellie do seem to occur so close to the end of the game it leaves little room to wrap things up according to the task menu. Whatever the case, Sony and NaughtyDog both are going to get some interesting replies from curious fans looking over the leaks.

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