Valorant, Riot Game’s New Title, has a Rootkit Debacle

Don’t Let Tencent Do This Please

Don’t Let Tencent Do This Please

Riot is asking a lot from you, no? This article from Arc’s Technica reports that Riots new Free to Play shooter Valorant requires Kernel level access to your system for it’s anti cheat. Some Riot employees have been adamant about how they will gladly work with Microsoft if any of the more vulnerable drivers where to be compromised, but the idea of any driver being compromised in the first place has this little snowman beyond worried.

Honestly? This new form of anti cheat is probably one of the worst ideas that any dev, western or otherwise, has ever propositioned, and from the looks of it, it hasn’t even worked the way it’s supposed to. Supposedly the software is still learning, but with the nature of hacking games, and the fact that the game itself runs on Unreal, meaning that cheats where there from day zero, giving Riot full control to your PC with non of the anti cheat benefit is a stretch to say the least.

The hope is that no backdoor is ever found, as we all know, hackers in foreign countries have nothing to gain when it comes to your information and the millions of others information. All I want you, the reader, to think about is all the other games you could be playing instead of this literal malware.

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