Veteran Voice Actor Rick May Passes Away Due to COVID-19

Voice of Team Fortress 2’s Soldier Among Other Roles

Voice of Team Fortress 2’s Soldier Among Other Roles

Today Larry Albert stated on his facebook page that he was shocked to discover fellow voice actor Rick May had passed away due to the Corona Virus. The two, who had known each other for over thirty years had worked together as the Sniper and Soldier for Team Fortress 2, also worked together on a radio program titled “The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” since 1998, in which May voiced the character of Inspector Lestrade. Previous to his death May had suffered a recent heart attack, and was also battling cancer.

Richard J. May, born September 21, 1940, voiced several other characters in other franchises, including both Peppy Hare and Andross in Star Fox 64. He was also a theatrical performer, touring the award-winning one man play, “Bully! An Adventure with Teddy Roosevelt”, among many other roles. Hired by Valve in 2006, May voiced the iconic Soldier in every appearance of the character, and is fondly remembered by Albert as a “force of nature”, adding “he might have bragged that it took a pandemic to bring him down.”

He is survived by his wife Diana May. Rest in peace.

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