Normies Far Too Entitled. Is GateKeeping our Only Option?

Your favorite ice cream truck has rolled right around the corner, its music blaring as the truck comes to a complete stop right in front of your house. The other children scream in delight as the truck opens up and all the glorious ice cream you can buy rolls around. You get the occasional Dark Souls ice cream cone. It’s very tricky to balance, even with both of your hands holding it. But there’s so much content in it that indulging in it is a very lovely reward in the end. Perfect for a hot summer day! Sooner or later, however, the bullies in the town find the ice cream “offensive” and “segregating” as they order their filthy rich parents. They argue that they want all flavors the same so that they appeal to everyone. The ice cream truck rolls around once more, all with one flavor that’s supposed to appeal to everyone…. it’s cum flavored. Eww, no thanks.

This may seem like a ridiculous example, but it’s not far from the truth of what will happen to videogames or even games in general in the near future. Because it’s so easy to pick up a controller and start playing, it’s become incredibly widespread throughout the globe. Hundreds of tournaments for just about any game you can name are popping up worldwide, just about every convention holds an area for videogames and it’s constantly advertised on TV to this day. With so many people involved though, there has been a consistent growth of very manipulative people, who don’t care at all about videogames or art, that are taking dozens of fans by the hand and recruiting armies to change games how they please. Whether it’d be to dumb everything down so everything is for babies, shoving in their absurd propaganda. Either way, they’re doing everything they can to make the videogames we love into the cum flavored ice cream that they feel entitled to.

 Why is that, though? Is it Money? Power? Clout? Well, according to what they’ve done to infect the gaming communities at hand, it’s a mix of all of that to be perfectly honest. Manipulating the normies of the different game fandoms to poison each one further not only moves these people up the system but it also targets those high in the system to take it down due to Cancel Culture. However, Cancel Culture didn’t start out as much of a thing. There was definitely Outrage Culture but nobody was horribly affected. Those who were called out still had plenty of power. Infact if anyone was the first to weaponize it to such a large degree, it was Keemstar. Before Idubbz neutered Keem, he was a titan in the Youtube industry, taking channels down like Tobuscus, with the help of Toby’s ex girlfriend in this case. After 2016, cancel culture was in full swing. But none of it was used nearly as much as the AltLeft. Obviously cancel culture has its good uses. Take power from the ones willing to abuse it. However, due to incredibly ridiculous double standards and heavy bias, cancel culture continues to be a weapon only used by those who abuse power. Only worse, there’s been a recent movement to “cancel cancel culture” as quickly as possible so that it effects no one on their side. Either that or they pretend that cancel culture doesn’t exist or harm anyone because they heard about Pewdiepie last week. And if you ironically believe that when reading, read this: Just because someone cancelled can afford to recover doesn’t mean that everyone else can. Alec committing suicide over a Twitter mob and Zoe not contacting authorities whatsoever should already be a clear indication on what Cancel Culture can do. Worse, it teaches every man in the industry that women are just walking lawsuits waiting to happen. That creates even more sexism, not vanquishes it. On the opposite spectrum, not allowing women to play videogames or harassing them with dick pics for doing so is even cringier (excuse my language).

The other thing to mention is the return of the Easy Mode arguments. Specifically in the wake of Hideo Kojima announcing that Death Stranding will have a Very Easy Mode. While this does not harm the game and was specifically for movie fans to see more of Mads Mikkelsen, game journalists started popping up announcing that every game should have modes like these for more accessibility. While modes don’t harm the game itself, not every game needs an easy mode. Games like Sekiro, which normies have long raged for to have a gamemode, has a set difficulty as its primary feature. The argument for it is so that people can “see the game”… as if Let’s Plays and streaming don’t exist? The logic falls flat once you realize that normies don’t even want a game, they just want scenery and easy accomplishments. That’s why they spend so much money on live services, because it gives them that with a credit card number. Any videogame that dares challenge this dogma is sent to shame for not being “accessible.” Of course, Nintendo masters this to a T with genre specific games appealing to everyone and anyone. However, that’s Nintendo’s style, not every company needs to be like Nintendo. From Software has their own style of games. Blizzard has (or had) their own style of gameplay. I use ‘had’ because World of Warcraft has now become a fancy art show due to being as “accessible” as possible and ends up being shallow. If WoW Classic boosting WoW subs nearly 3 times the amount doesn’t show how important gameplay is, I don’t know what does. Gatekeeping didn’t do that, encouragement of the industry to focus on what makes games great did.

The point is, no. We can’t bring back gatekeeping nor is it our only option. We must call out these frauds who oppose our hobbies and seek to censor and destroy what made them special. That is not gatekeeping. Gatekeeping implies that there’s a gate in the first place. There isn’t. Videogames are for everyone, even if not every videogame is for everyone. Are they harming the industry with live services? Well, in a way yes, but we should encourage more single player games. Encouraging this action has lead to the PS4 Spiderman game, God of War 5, Sekiro, Astral Chain, Breath of the Wild and the likes. The more single player non live service games we put on the shelves, the more we can educate normies on what real accomplishment, escape and community feels like. Gatekeeping does not accomplish those things as much as we want it to.

Author: smugruko

I'm Smug, I review video games and anime. Screaming at dumb people is my favorite hobby.

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